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2023 Growth & Impact Report

Moving Forward, Faster, Together to Build a Positive Future

Our ambition to build a positive future together.

When we deliver on our mission to protect the world’s most vital resources, we simultaneously grow our business and our positive impact on the world—together with our customers.

La salud de las personas

By 2030, we expect to positively impact the lives of over 3B people each year through water, food and hygiene solutions

La salud del planeta

By 2030, we expect to achieve a positive water and climate impact by saving water and avoiding emissions

La salud de las empresas

We help businesses achieve sustainable outcomes alongside exponential economic return

Achieving a net positive water and climate impact
in partnership with our customers by 2030.

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Impacto sobre el agua

We expect to rapidly grow our net positive water impact
by helping conserve more water at customer locations as
we work tirelessly to minimize the water used in
Ecolab operations and by Tier 1 suppliers.

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Impacto sobre el clima

We expect to deliver a net positive climate impact
by helping avoid more emissions
at customer locations than those generated
by Ecolab’s entire value chain.

Moving forward, faster, together toward creating 2030 Positive Impact.

Our work to create 2030 Positive Impact reflects the change we aim to make for our company, communities, customers and environment. Together with our customers and supply partners, we are focused on creating lasting positive impact while simultaneously driving business growth.

Learn About Our 2030 Positive Impact

Nos asociamos con nuestros clientes

Nos asociamos con nuestros clientes

Aquí tiene cómo fomentamos que nuestros clientes lo consigan en 2022:

Historias de éxito con los clientes

Descubra cómo ofrecemos un retorno exponencial de la inversión, o eROI, a nuestros clientes.

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eROI projects led to more than $1.3 billion globally in Total Value Delivered for our customers in 2023.

Más información sobre eROI

Nos distinguimos en nuestras operaciones

Nos distinguimos en nuestras operaciones

Nuestro compromiso con nuestros valores guía nuestras acciones en nuestras propias operaciones

Protecting our planet.

Hands catching running water

Ecolab Study Reveals Consumer Concern for World’s Water

An Ecolab associate charges a Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

Las iniciativas en la logística del transporte reducen las emisiones


Administración del agua mejorada

water, nature, manufacturing, processing

Demostrar el liderazgo climático

Supporting people and communities.

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Two Ecolab experts in a lab filling test tubes

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Ecolab associates at an environmental event

$18.5 Million Contributed to Global Communities in 2023

We’re moving forward, faster, together to protect the health of people, planet and businesses everywhere.

Ecolab Water University

eROI patentado

Our eROI value approach measures the impact we deliver for our customers and helps them achieve business and sustainability goals.

Ecolab Expert with a client

Impacto positivo 2030

We’re committed to helping our customers address global challenges around water, food, health and climate.